How much does a pergola cost to buy in 2023?

Welcome to our comprehensive 2023 pergola cost guide. In this article, we’ll delve into the various aspects of pergolas, key things to consider, and factors that influence the cost. If you are looking for a particular answer, feel free to jump to the relevant section below:

What is a Pergola?

If you’re confused about what a pergola actually is, you are not alone! Pergolas are often used as an addition to existing homes or as standalone structures on their own property, while something like a pagoda on the other hand is most often found in temples or parks (though some people do have them at home).

Then there are other options like gazebos, which were originally built by Italian nobility as an extension of their homes, so they could enjoy their gardens without being bothered by insects or weather conditions like rain or wind. These usually include a roof and sides. See our blog, ‘What is a pergola vs pergoda vs pagoda?

Basically, a pergola is a beautiful outdoor structure that not only offers a nice focal point in your garden but can also protect your furniture from the rain and protect your family from the sun. It typically consists of vertical posts that support crossbeams and an open lattice roof, which can be enhanced with a fully retractable pergola shade.

Modern pergola with retractable waterproof shade closed

Factors affecting pergola cost

The cost of building a pergola can vary significantly depending on several factors. Let’s explore each of these factors in detail:

Material selection

Pergolas can be constructed from various materials, each with its own durability, aesthetics and price points. Common materials include:

Wood: Wooden pergolas offer a classic and natural look but may require more maintenance over time. Our pergolas and shades are available in a traditional or modern design and constructed from cedar. They look lovely oiled and can be painted using a range of colours (which we can do for you). With metal pergolas, they are usually black, white or grey.

Aluminium: Aluminium pergolas are lightweight, resistant to rust, and require little maintenance. We can offer a quality aluminium frame pergola with a retractable canopy because we are an approved partner for the complete SELT range, including aluminium pergolas, side shades and awnings.

Steel: Steel pergolas are sturdy and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Size and design complexity

The size and complexity of the pergola design play a significant role in determining the cost. Larger and more intricate designs with additional features will generally incur more investment. For example, some of our clients require double pergolas and retractable shades and we have even done projects which required a custom BBQ hood so they could cook all year round.

Location and site preparation

The location of the pergola and the preparation required for the site can impact the overall cost, so it’s always a good idea to ensure that the terrain is even and easy to access.

Customisation and enhancements

Adding custom elements, such as built-in seating, lighting, heating, decorative elements, or even a media player will increase the total cost of the project.

Labour and installation

Labour costs can vary based on your location and the experience of the professionals you hire for the installation. We would highly recommend that you use a skilled carpenter to guarantee your pergola is built correctly, that any retractable shade enhancements function correctly and that the structure lasts!


How much does a pergola cost to buy?

According to CheckaTrade, a standard pergola might set you back around £2,500 and a luxury pergola might cost anything from around £10,000. That’s excluding labour costs, which might be an additional £250 to £1,000 per day depending on the complexity of the project. A 3m x 3m Pergolux pergola in extruded, powder-coated aluminium with a louvered roof (not fully retractable) could cost around £3,850 inc. VAT and you would have to assemble the product yourself. Another option if you wanted to assemble your pergola yourself, might be a 3m x 3m Aluminium Pergola Kit from Brustor for £8,238.00 inc. VAT. If you want something made right here in the UK, you might consider the Classic Outdoor Living Pod Aluminium Louvered Pergola from Caribbean Blinds. A 3m x 3m structure in their standard Anthracite Grey hardware colour starts from £12,995 inc. VAT and installation. A high-end luxury option might be this 3m x 3m aluminium Renson Camargue garden pergola, priced at £17,400 inc. VAT and installation. You would have to upgrade to the Renson Camargue® Skye® if you wanted a fully retractable roof.

How much does a pergola cost from Hampshire Shades?

If you are looking for an aluminium pergola, we can supply an official 3m x 3m SELT aluminium pergola, delivered and installed for £8,900 inc. VAT. Meanwhile, if you are considering a wood frame, we would recommend cedar. A 3m x 3m cedar frame and fully retractable waterproof shade from Hampshire Shades, delivered and installed is around £9,360 inc. VAT with a 5 year guarantee. Instead of an off-the-shelf solution, we can accommodate your own design options, such as increased height of the pergola so as not to block any windows, reducing post sizes to have less impact on a smaller garden etc. If you already have a pergola and you were looking for an upgrade, it might be a good option to just have the retractable pergola shade fitted to your existing structure. All Hampshire shades and pergolas are hand crafted using our own exclusive design in the UK, with a range of colour options available. They come with a limited five-year warranty, and aluminium frames come with a two-year warranty from SELT.9,360

Pergola upgrades and extra pergola costs

Modern pergola with waterproof retractable shade

Along with the above considerations, you might want to enhance your pergola with accessorise or there may be a few additional pergola costs to consider in terms of planning permission.

Do you need planning permission for a pergola?

In most cases, under permitted development rights, you don’t need planning permission to add a pergola to your garden unless your house is a listed building. Please see our FAQ page for more information.

Do you need to have your outdoor space designed first?

We offer a 3D visual design service as standard, so you can get a good idea of what your pergola will look like in your space. Not all pergola companies include this, so it’s best to check before placing an order.

What pergola accessories are available?

You would be surprised how many accessories are out there for your pergola project! This can include anything from heating and lighting to full entertainment systems, projectors and privacy screens. Speak to your pergola supplier to see what options and upgrades are available. If you don’t have the budget for upgrades now, it’s still worth double checking that any upgrades can be fitted at a later date or if there are limitations.

We are a member of Made in Britain, and our timber pergolas and bespoke shades are designed and made in the UK.
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