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Our journey started in 2020.  The pandemic forced us to stay at home and we wanted to maximise the use of our outdoor space to be able to use it more comfortably and regularly. At the time, we were not able to find a suitable garden shade that suited our needs to protect us and our garden furniture regardless of the British weather.

To fully enjoy our garden and outside area, we wanted to be able to open the shade fully and enjoy an open view of the blue sky. Or choose to close it, always safe in the knowledge that we would remain dry, whatever the wind and rain had to offer.

The design of the completely weatherproof shade is unique and bespoke to individual sizes and your requirements. Manufactured from aluminium and anodised to protect it from the elements with other materials chosen for life outdoors. We currently provide the shade either as manual or rope driven, in a choice of fabric colours together with a modern pergola frame.

We can also manufacture and install a custom-built shade to fit in your own pergola frame or outdoor structure in your choice of fabric colour.

As standard, we offer a 5 year limited warranty on our pergola frame, shade fabric and our shade mechanism.  We feel that is pretty hard to beat and provides you with the peace of mind to relax and enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience.

Waterproof pergola shade

Shade Design

Common to all shades is a single track that the shade beams operate along. This always ensures smooth operation without any binding and can be stopped at any desired position from fully open to fully closed. This single track carries the shade and its beam and is held in such a way to provide sufficient fall for the rain to be diverted freely to any chosen side of the pergola.

Shade Fabric

We use a marine grade coated acrylic canvas as our shade material, it is manufactured and designed to excel in outdoor conditions and is perfect for use in our inclement weather. It has a special coating on the surface to create a barrier against the any growth of mould and mildew and reinforces the fabric’s water-repellent properties. A special polyurethane coating adds a barrier layer to the underside of the acrylic canvas increasing its water column rating to 1000mm plus giving a waterproof rating.

Pergola Frame

We use sustainably sourced, treated softwood timber to minimise the impact on the environment. The main elements are 150mm square posts together with beams of 145mm to 200mm in depth, all treated to the correct durability and use class to provide a strong and stable frame that can span a large area. The frame can be supplied unpainted for a natural finish that will weather and grey over time or hand-painted in our workshop prior to installation in a range of contemporary coloured wood stains. We can also use other external paints or wood types on request.

Rope Drive

Operated by rope system concealed in the shaded track and controlled from either the left or right rear frame post of the pergola. The shade is operated by pulling on the rope in one direction to open the shade. It can be locked in any position along the track by positioning the rope in the retaining cleat. To operate the shade in the other direction the opposite rope is pulled.

Manual Drive

Operated by a detachable crank handle, the shade is unlocked in its track by turning the handle anticlockwise and moving to any desired position from fully open to fully closed by turning the handle clockwise to lock the shade in place.

We are a member of Made in Britain, and our timber pergolas and bespoke shades are designed and made in the UK.
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