Is Your Pergola Shade Cover Waterproof?

Close-up view on water drops on waterproof impregnated fabric

Many people think a pergola shade is only needed on the sunniest of days to keep you cool and comfortable.  What happens when, inevitably, the weather changes and rain clouds appear…

Beautiful outdoor living

There is an increasing trend for transforming patios and gardens.  Investing in good quality outdoor furniture and/or a dining set is normally the main focus without much too much consideration on the shade, it’s design or how it operates.

Being in the UK, choosing a pergola shade cover is as important as your choice of furniture.  We need a shade to, not only keep you cool, but to also keep you and your furniture dry.  Who wants to be watching the weather constantly, worrying if you need to bring in the soft seating or furnishings indoors every time it looks like it could or will rain?

Full Sun, Rain & Privacy Protection

What is the best type of pergola shade cover to protect your beautiful furniture and furnishings?  There are several types available but, most importantly, you need to make sure you choose the right type of shade fabric for the UK weather.  So, when you are looking to buy or replace a shade canopy make sure you find out if the fabric is water resistant, water repellent or waterproof.

The sign of good fabric is its measurement to withstand water – taken as the time for three drops of water to make their way through the fabric. The height of the water column above the fabric before it leaked is measured in millimetres of water and forms the standard. Just remember, the higher the number, the better.

Water Resistant: Lightweight fabric with little or no chemical coating to repel water, will protect against light rain showers only

Water Repellent: More suitable for the UK environment, a medium weight fabric with a chemical finish to prevent water seeping through but not 100% waterproof. Will protect against heavy downpours for 24-48 hours. Water column >300mm.

Waterproof: For all UK weather, a heavy grade fabric with a chemical resin coating or rubberised material to ensure a dry outdoor space regardless of weather. Water column > 1000mm.

All weather entertaining

Our Hampshire Shades are designed and built to last. We use the best materials available. 

Our pergola shade fabric is a marine grade coated acrylic canvas. It is manufactured and designed to excel in outdoor conditions and is perfect for use in our inclement weather and has a special coating on the surface to create a barrier against the any growth of mould and mildew.

A special polyurethane coating adds a barrier layer to the underside of the acrylic canvas increasing its water column rating to 1000mm+ giving a waterproof rating.

So, if you find yourself underwhelmed at other shade types available, why not have a chat with us and see how our shade solution could work for you regardless of season or weather.

We are a member of Made in Britain, and our timber pergolas and bespoke shades are designed and made in the UK.
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